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Glad u r safe. Hope the power comes back on!


It's always so sad to hear bad stuff happening to my country but I hope that it won't devastate the Pinoy hearts to trust God & to seek His strength and joy in spite of this natural disaster. There's always hope and miracles do happen under heaven. I'll give my prayers to all people there in the Philippines!


J'espère que ce typhon ne causera pas trop de dégas !
Ceux qui vivent dans des bidonvilles , les plus démunis , sont aussi ceux qui prennenet le plus de risques avec les typhons !


hope the scenery in laguna bay are you show on your beautful pictures will be restored after being hit by typhoon milenyo


how difficult life without electricity, i can relate to what you are saying :)

great that you were able to take this shots before typhoon milenyo, laguna wa s badly hit by the said typhoon.

Toxic Lens

Glad to hear you're ok. Stay safe, and stay dry!


Tena koe ehoa
You a man of men Sidney who knows that there are for sure much worser things in life.
You are alive and for that I'm thankful.


Hi Sidney,

I'm praying for you to get your electricity and water back. After backpacking for only 3 days I know how much these things are nice to have!! Anyway, try and focus on some other positive things that you have not been able to do because you've been behind the camera.

Look forward to seeing your pictures when you get everything back online.

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